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The New Normal: Finding Positives in a Crisis

With so much of the media focusing on bad news, we were interested to read in the Independent that a recent YouGov poll found only 9% of Brits want to go back to their pre-Covid way of life, suggesting the vast majority of us are hoping to continue with some of the personal and social changes we have made following the Coronvavirus pandemic.


Cleaner air, better food, stronger social bonds, closer relationships with family, friends and an increased sense of community have all contributed to this, and it's been truly inspiring to see so many people pulling together during the crisis.

However, for some people, the lockdown has made them feel isolated, fearful and anxious - regardless of whether they are shielding alone, or in a family unit where tensions may be running high.

We invest so much time and money in others and it's all too easy to forget about how you're really feeling and take time to process your emotions.

It's worth remembering that the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Right now, it may be time to focus a little more on you and your wellbeing.

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