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Jill: A Weight Loss Blog (part 1)

We get a lot of requests to share people's experiences of the Gastric HypnoBand programme. This is a real client's journey. Her comments have not been moderated.

In part 1, find out about Jill's first session and how she got on.

Tuesday 5th January

Day one for me. The first day of the changed me. Fed up with being fat, miserable, uncomfortable…..and everything else! Anxiox. I am nervous, I am excited. Today I am going to see Adrian Matthams, a hypnotherapist.

I'm not really sure what to expect. I am running a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment. I am scared, I am...I’m not really sure what!

Well, nothing ventured...here goes.

OK, well here it is. I pulled up to a house on New London Road in Chelmsford that looks like it could do with a little spruce up (sorry Adrian)!

I went in and was greeted by a pleasant looking man…what had I expected - a monster with three heads? Well I don’t know I have never knowingly met a hypnotherapist before, but be reassured he was, well….normal!

We went into a room at the back of the house that was also perfectly normal. He explained to me what the programme was about, asked questions about me and made me feel comfortable. Even from meeting him today I feel that I could tell him anything and he won’t judge me or laugh or be shocked.

Adrian reassured me that I was a 'suitable candidate' or the gastric hynoband. I have agreed to come back next Thursday to have hypnosis, whatever that may entail. I am a little trepidatious as I am not convinced this will work for me. Is it another trip down the wrong road when what I really need to do is eat less and exercise more? If only life was that simple.

Thursday 7th January

The snow is here, the roads are a bit dodgy but I am determined to go today. I am nervous about going back, and if I don’t go now I will find an excuse not to go. Adrian told me about the 5 elements of the programme, and asked me what I thought the gastric band looked like. We talked about my relationship with food and then it began. I sat in a chair and put my feet up on a stool, made myself comfortable and took my boots off.

The next thing I knew he was saying “4 and 5 open your eyes Jill.”

Wow, I feel really relaxed and full of energy, if I could only bottle how I feel right now!

I have very little recollection of what was said to me but I remember there being water, eating slowly and that’s it. Oh and handing over £200.

Maybe it’s my imagination but I have not thought about food all day. I have drunk lots of water and not been hungry. I have not had high or low bloods. I have been eating left handed, left food on my plate and eaten less. Long may it last!

I have tried to think about what I have eaten today and I can’t remember…weird, maybe he is a wizard not a hypnotherapist!

Friday 8th January

Much like yesterday really. I feel good and very positive. I have eaten less and drunk more. I am really eager to go back for the next session but have to wait till next Thursday.

We went out for dinner tonight and to the theatre to see Sister Act - worth seeing. I had a lovely meal, but can't tell you much about it. I know I enjoyed it but it's as if now it has gone it is no longer important and I have a mental block about it. I bought the kids and me and Vinnie a box ofHeroes to have during the show, they sat on my knee the whole performance and I brought them home in my bag unopened....either this was a miracle or the hypno stuff is working. Now that is progress!

Sunday 10th January

I think the work Adrian has done is beginning to wear off. I am hungry today! I am having to make conscious decisions about food.

It's a bit like having the fat me and the thin me sitting on each shoulder and telling me conflicting orders. I know which me I should listen too but do I want to?

Monday 11th January

Definitely different today, I have done ok all day, left food, drunk water, eaten less, but when I got in I had three biscuits, a bag of crisps and a sandwich...still could have been worse.

Roll on Thursday.

Tuesday 12th January

New day, new thoughts? Hmmm, not sure yet. I am not living to eat any more so that is positive. Last week I would have been planning my next meal and when I would be eating it. I don't remember what I have eaten now, whereas before I would have forgotten what I had eaten, a subtle difference I know but a significant one. Previously I would have been in denial about what had passed my lips, but now, I don't know...weird. It seems that my relationship with food has changed, it is no longer important to me - food has a function and serves a purpose.

To be continued...

Read part 2 to find out how Jill gets on at her second session.

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